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14 October 2008

歓迎! (Do itashi mashite!/Welcome)

Our Fashion Dept. earlier this week hosted fourteen visiting foreign students who are from Hachiman High School, Japan. It's an event that they wanting to explore each other‘s culture more. Here at 'Bengkel Fashion' the lecturer  teach them how to make 'Baju Kurung Kedah' because it is easy and simple to make in a short time. Because of the language barrier, we have a bit difficulty to communicate with them but everything going well. Last, but not least thanks to all the students who assist during the event. You guys doing a great job.

We expect that by engaging in this type of program, both sides will gain a better understanding of other cultures and broaden their horizons. Maybe our Fashion student will visit to other country someday? Hopefully...

For more pictures please visit Kheme's Blog!

13 October 2008

Cameron Highland

Fashion Department Family
The most photographed group :)
Viva to the Committee!
After 'Tepung Tawar' and the juniors officially part of the Fashion family.
Fashion Nite with 'Hari Raya' theme.

Another successful Fashion Department trip! We spent 3 days at the place where strawberry and tea plantations are popular and a cool climate, where else..it's Cameron Highland. Organized by lecturers and committee, the trips are full with interesting activities and programs, but yet  we still have time to shopping, sightseeing, exploring and much more.

Whoever missed it, hopefully you can join and participate and enjoy our next coming trip. Trust me, it's worth it!