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24 September 2008

Day of Celebration

I would like wish to all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin and may it bring you many happy moments to cherish forever. Also this is a time where we reconcile and renew relationships with others. Remember, if you going back home town to celebrate Hari Raya with family and friends just take care of yourself.

Happy holiday everyone and enjoy the break and don't forget bring back here your delicious rendang, ketupat, lemang, kuih... see ya' !

19 September 2008

Berbuka @ Fashion Bengkel

On 18th September 08, Fashion Department had our breaking fast at our famous 'bengkel' :) .  Attended by fashion students and lecturers, the event last up till 8.30pm. This is the  first time Fashion Deparment having the break fast here and for sure there will be next year to look ahead.  Thanks to the organizer for being a good host during the event, and thanks a lot to all the students who attend for this event and anyone who missed it, hopefully we will see you next year.

15 September 2008

Fashion Dept. T-shirt

The Official Fashion Department's 2008 T-shirt is born! Finally we have our own merchandise, maybe it's only the beginning and hopefully more products to come. Anyway, we like to keep things simple for the design, because I believe we are creative people that take the complexity out of simplicity. It's simple, relevant and effective graphic design.

A lot of people think a simple basic t-shirt is very boring. But it isn't...it's very useful and you can wear anything at it. Pair it with your vest, jacket, accessories...and more. Well, it's only cost you RM25, fabric made with 100% cotton. Please contact FASTO's member if interested.



p/s Watch-out for FASTO's official t-shirt, will coming out soon!

12 September 2008


Hey guys...! We do love fashion and love creating and making clothes, and because of that FASTO (Fashion Student Organization) has created 'Fashion Day' and 'Batik Day' to create fun environment of learning and also the best chance to create social fun through the fashion.

FASHION DAY oneverytuesday
This is especially for those who love in fashion, set your own style and dress up or even better, create and wear your own designs. Be creative and let's celebrate.

BATIK DAY oneverythursday
Batik is totally in! Wearing batik was not merely a dress code formal events anymore. Rather, it has become a new fashion trend. Inspired by the beauty of batik fabric and the creative spirit of batik designers, we are proud to present the 'Batik Day'. You can wear it with anything even casual attire.

*This is only for Fashion Department student.

08 September 2008

Fashion Department, UiTM

The fashion design program offers the broad-based training in creativity, and design, with the technical, and production processes which are supported by theoretical knowledge, to encourage creativity and innovation. Students are trained to be more creative, skillful, and knowledgeable. Graduates are prepared to participate in related area of fashion design, entrepreneurship, costume, and clothing industries. An integral aspect of the course is in the hands-on experiences provided for the students in their practical training. This is reinforced by extra-curricular activities such as exhibitions, competitions, fieldworks, and life projects.

Graduate of this program may be employed as fashion designers in the fashion, and clothing industries, marketing, and personnel, fashion writers or journalism, lecturer in the academic institutions, designers, and manufactures, fashion illustration, freelance consultancy, costume designers in entertainments, and films productions, and new area related to the fashion business, and lifestyle and work on real projects within a commercial environment.

Teaching is through group, tutorial, practical, lecture and independent study. All course is assessed regularly (Progressive Assessment) and final assessment is given at the end if each semester, and exams for liberal studies.

Universiti Teknologi MARA
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