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17 March 2009

Penang Trip '09

Yeaaa... another Fashion Dept. trip was successfully held in Tanjung Bungah Hotel, Penang recently! Everything went well and the most important thing that everybody had so much fun. Too many photos to upload here, so anyone who interested to see it, just come & see me.

06 March 2009

Let's Contribute

Ola..! I haven't written much recently due to my 'busy' schedule, and because of that this blog is not updated frequently as it should. Sometime I can't catch-up with all the events & activities that organized from Fashion Department. So I need a contribution from all of you guys, please email me anything that relate to Fashion Department's activities & events, a simple description will do & it even more better if you got photos. I know lots of happening in our department so please email me at: fashionuitm@gmail.com

Let's contribute and thank you!

05 March 2009

Fashion Show 2008

Maybe it's not too late to post this picture. It was UiTM fashion show 2008, Unity & Diversity. Even not all the student's collection shown here, but I think it's enough to inspire others, and for final year student... can you do better than this? Take this challenge guys! Anyway, thanks to Pn Hasma for the picture.