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24 November 2009

Degree Fashion Show '09

With this year theme 'Busana Muslim Kontemporari' the event were held in Le Meridien Hotel KL, congrats to all of you for make it happened! I need some photo to upload here since I did not attend the event:), anyone who willing to contribute the events photos please email me at: fashionuitm@gmail.com. Thank you!

09 November 2009

Well, well, well...

As usual, misses a lot of wonderful events such as  Fashion Hari Raya Dinner, Art & Design Open House, Final Assessment etc, etc, etc... Anyway, just want to tell you good luck in everything you do and I will keep my best to keep this blog alive! :)

17 September 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Salam to all! Again... a few events i missed recently in our department and because of that I can't update any news, too bad... thousand of apologies, didn't mean to abandoned this blog :) Anyway I just drop by to wish all the fashionista wherever you are... Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. Take care!

27 July 2009

Influenza A ( H1N1 ) Alert!

Due to influenza AH1N1 all the campuses are closed for a week. If you got High fever, Cough, Sore throat, Difficulty in breathing & Body-ache you are advised to seek immediate treatment. Anyway, hope to see you again...just take care of yourself!

01 July 2009

Hi again everyone!

Hi, it's been a months since I last blogged. How's everyone, so what's going on the semester break? makan n tido? but nothing much happened here in 'bengkel', just ready to serve you all :).... do you guys get a good exam results or not? If not let's improve yourself for this coming semester n jangan byk main! Anyway see you guys next week! 

25 May 2009

Selamat Bercuti!

To everyone, I Just to wish you all 'Happy Holiday' and come back again with the new goal setting, new inspiration, better time management, hope you can set goals, get motivated, and take the actions necessary to change your attitude... and your life. Hope you can a be a better person next semester... 'till then, bye! :)

18 May 2009

Finally... it's over!

Congrats to all the final year students & all the people that involved, you have done such a great job! The final show successfully held as what we plan i guess. Again... I want to wish "good luck" to final year students, may you got a good result and will get a  job that u want or you just can further your studies... this is not the end but this is just a beginning, welcome to the real world! 

11 May 2009

Degree Show '09

This is what are we waiting for... the Runway!!! Be part of this event and let's support our final year students.
Event: UiTM Shah Alam's Degree Fashion Show 2009
Date: 17th May 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm
Venue: Bintang Ballroom, Cititel Mid Valley
Admission: RM30
Featuring many Malaysian fav models such as Tengku Azura, Zahnita, Dilla, Carmen etc,hope to see you there!

05 May 2009

Good Luck!

Again... it's the end of the semester, some of students just finished their assessment and for the final year students still struggling for the final. I hope all the juniors can give them a hand cos this is a way to get an experience. For the final year students, good luck to all of you, it might have been easy or hard  you may have studied. Any way you do it, if you do that well, you will pass with flying colors and... see you at the runway!

17 March 2009

Penang Trip '09

Yeaaa... another Fashion Dept. trip was successfully held in Tanjung Bungah Hotel, Penang recently! Everything went well and the most important thing that everybody had so much fun. Too many photos to upload here, so anyone who interested to see it, just come & see me.

06 March 2009

Let's Contribute

Ola..! I haven't written much recently due to my 'busy' schedule, and because of that this blog is not updated frequently as it should. Sometime I can't catch-up with all the events & activities that organized from Fashion Department. So I need a contribution from all of you guys, please email me anything that relate to Fashion Department's activities & events, a simple description will do & it even more better if you got photos. I know lots of happening in our department so please email me at: fashionuitm@gmail.com

Let's contribute and thank you!

05 March 2009

Fashion Show 2008

Maybe it's not too late to post this picture. It was UiTM fashion show 2008, Unity & Diversity. Even not all the student's collection shown here, but I think it's enough to inspire others, and for final year student... can you do better than this? Take this challenge guys! Anyway, thanks to Pn Hasma for the picture.

05 February 2009

Fashion Trip: 13-15 March 09

It's been quite some time I didn't update this blog, so... hello again! Just want to announce that our Fashion Department's Trip '09 date is on 13-15 March 09. Maybe it's a little bit not a good time for all of you due to final exam/assessment but that's the only date that available and let's pray no more delay. We will conduct a meeting regarding this matter. Anyway, for more information please contact FASTO or lecturer. Thanks!

12 January 2009

Update on Fashion Dept. Trip 09

Hey you all...! Regarding our trip to Penang, sadly... it's was postponed due to University's Program on a same date that we chose before. Nevertheless, don't worry the trip still ON! The lecturer will choose another suitable date. Look at the bright side, in a mean time we still can save some money to pay the trip fees, or....... we can go to Rihanna's concert on the 13th, hahahaha... 

Thousand of apologize to all of you, this is beyond of our expectation, let's pray and hope no more changes/postpone on the date! Please contact lecturer for more information, thank you!

06 January 2009

Fashion Dept. Trip 2009

Make sure you make yourself available on 13,14&15 February because this is what we are waiting for,  let's spend 3 days & 2 nights together at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, Penang with it's own private stretch of beach front. Full of interesting activities and get ready to dress up for our Grand Fashion Night dinner. Whoever missed last year's trip, hopefully you can participate this time, furthermore it's compulsory now :) Don't worry, it's gonna absolutely fun and worth it. Pack your bags, put on your shades and let's rejuvenate ourselves!

*All the information above are subject to change. Please contact FASTO member or the lecturer for more information.

05 January 2009

This Way to Fashion

Our 'bengkel' minor renovation has been completed for a week now, we got a new paint job which is brown, oklaa kan... it's a standard colour given by UiTM, new window and other small things. Just to make our 'bengkel' ceria a bit, the lecturer decided to design and print on a sticker and install on the wall, it turns out very nice and interesting i think. Ok guys, together we keep our place chill and cool!