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26 December 2008

Here We Come 2009!

It is just a week before we say goodbye to 2008 and welcome 2009, can you believe it?! Regardless of how quickly the year has gone far for us, I'm glad that I spent it with all of you. I hope that 2008 has treated you as well as you deserve. By the way, this a new semester coming. How's the last semester's exam/assessment result for each one of you? If it not so good work harder, if its excellent, maintain and sustain it!

One more thing, our 'Bengkel' renovation has been completed and ready to serve you guys! As I said before, it's not a major renovation, but it is still better than before. A few things need to be done to make our 'Bengkel' more 'ceria' and I'm still working on it. Hope a small things can make a different, and I definitely will upload the photos soon!

Last but not least, thank you for all supporting Fashion Department Blog by logging in, commenting, sharing & writing about our Blog, hopefully more students will joining in. Even this blog not always updated, at-least we have something to share and talk about. Beside with my hectic schedule, maybe next year I will try my best to update this blog as much as I can. We have built something special here which is a place to enjoy fashion design.

Until then, I will see you guys again soon to share a new year together!

10 December 2008

While You Guys Were Out!

Wondering what happened to our 'bengkel' during semester break? Well I guess the 'bengkel' never get a break, it was renovated since early this month. The renovation still in progress which is involved a small section in our 'bengkel' especially we will get a new paint job, brand new window, of-course much more better than previous one :) The rest... we just wait and see until it complete soon.

Maybe it's not a major renovation then, but somehow, hmmm... it made our 'bengkel' upgraded since... i don't know, maybe since Fashion Dept. was opened. Hopefully we will appreciate it and just take a good care of it!

09 December 2008

Happy Holiday!

After struggling for final exam and assessment, maybe it's not to late to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha & Happy Holiday! I know everyone is going everywhere, somewhere and hopefully this semester break will be a good time for us to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. Your result will be out in any time and I wish you guys all the best, see you next semester...and it's gonna be a fun semester!

*Just thinking 'bout our next Fashion Department's Trip... sun, sea & sand perhaps? :)