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18 May 2009

Finally... it's over!

Congrats to all the final year students & all the people that involved, you have done such a great job! The final show successfully held as what we plan i guess. Again... I want to wish "good luck" to final year students, may you got a good result and will get a  job that u want or you just can further your studies... this is not the end but this is just a beginning, welcome to the real world! 


norani bt azraaie said...

congrats to hanim, fahme n shada..

rd idewani zaini.nama kamek. said...

wow....ongrats to all winners..
rindu r kt diorg nnt!!!

Nazima said...

nape gmba part1 adeee. . .cet!~


F A Z O Couture said...

Sayang Fazosin x bergambar sekali dgn dak2 part One....

Best last fashion Show kali nie..

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